The Piano Bar, Knightsbridge

In Knightsbridge lives a giant ugly building. Like a blistering scar on the Earth, is this building, all grey and angry it is. Within the god awful building lives a hotel. They call it it the Sheraton Park Tower… tower being the operative word. And in this hotel tower lives a bar… the Piano Bar.

Entrance to Sheraton Park Tower Hotel

The Piano Bar offers little to write home about. It is a perfectly nice yet suffers from the unfortunate atmosphere vacuum that many hotel bars do. It has nice leather armchairs, a substantial drinks list and attentive waiting staff. It is basically alright. Its’ one redeeming feature is this:


Yes the Piano Bar of Sheraton Park Tower serve cocktails which contain a real diamond. A gimmick indeed but an excellent one. I was tempted to order one just to see if they actually did have diamonds behind the bar, but thought best not given the bankruptcy that would follow my hilarious jest.


We tried a few of the cocktails, a Bellini, Mojito and a fruity concoction called Lychee Ania which sounds like an unfortunate rash. All were passable but not wonderful and the Mojito, I’m sad to say, was overly strong much like those syrup based ones that come from a packet. Much of the cocktail list at the Piano Bar is well above £10 per drink, though, so for them to be less than impressive is just not ok.

Lychee Ania

The Verdict: Pfft… not so much.



The Piano Bar
Sheraton Park Tower Hotel
101 Knightsbridge


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