Tapas Brindisa, London Bridge

Tapas is a brilliant invention. Indecisive and greedy folk alike delight in restaurants where one can order five or six plates of food whilst guzzling pints of wine and pretending to be somewhere sunny. Thankfully London is filled with such establishments. Less thankfully, most are rubbish.


Tapas Brindisa is one of the rare good ones, as is evident by the fact that it’s full all the time and doesn’t bother with that old fashioned reservations malarky. There are a handful of Brindisa’s dotted about. I visited the one at Borough Market because that is the original and best. And Borough Market is just wonderful.

I was immediately sold on the place because we were served by a pirate, complete with eyepatch and flailing Spanish arms. We knew the food was going to be good because of the manner of its arrival. Said pirate rushed over, announced the name of a dish in his loudest announcing voice, spun around in a flourish and (I presume) swiftly hurried off for a spot of bull fighting.

The tapas here are less ‘bar snack size’ and more ‘a tad smaller than a full plate of food’. We ordered the charcuterie selection (it is a necessity), as well as patatas bravas (equally so), padron peppers and squid ink rice. We received bread also, which I believe may even have been free. Shock shock horror horror etc.

Of the food I will say that all was fantastic. Not quite as fantastic as Barrafina, but almost. The atmosphere here is great, with the buzz of a restaurant that comes of being full to the rafters of people scoffing chorizo till they can’t move. It’s also on the corner of Borough Market which means… prime people watching positioning!

The Verdict: Great food, great location, great atmosphere… and pirates! All must go.



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