Oscar’s at Charlotte Street Hotel, Soho

Charlotte Street Hotel is a pretty green thing in the middle of Soho’s media neighbourhood, home to Oscar’s bar and restaurant. It has been designed according to a ‘Bloomsbury Group’ theme. From what I can tell this involves leather chairs, lots of flowers and massive multicoloured headache inducing murals.

Despite the mural and its resulting migraine Oscar’s bar is actually rather nice, and on a Friday night is full to the rafters with people drinking expensive yet delicious cocktails.

We went for little brother's birthday. Here's me, looking delighted with his HAP PEA BIRTHDAY card.
We went for little brother’s birthday. Here’s me, looking delighted with his HAP PEA BIRTHDAY card.

The cocktail list here is about as long as any I’ve seen, so you’ll need to set aside a good 30 minutes to get through it before you even think about ordering a drink.

Raspberry and Lychee Bellini
Raspberry and Lychee Bellini

When you do though I am quite sure you won’t be disappointed. I tried two from the list, beginning with a Raspberry and Lychee Bellini (raspberry purée, lychee liqueur, Prosecco) before sampling the more adventurous Hazel Delight (Absolut Citron, Fraise des Bois and Frangelico shaken with strawberry purée). Hazel Delight was interesting. Looked like a Cosmopolitan tasted like nutella. Weird yet strangely nice.

Hazel Delight
Hazel Delight

Little brother went for a mojito or five which I can confirm were not bad at all.

Mojito Madness
Mojito Madness

We also tried the Mango Fandango (Freshly muddled blueberries shaken with mango puree and Bacardi 8 year old rum, topped with passion fruit juice) which wasn’t that great but is fun to say.

Hazel Delight and Mango Fandango

Hazel Delight and Mango Fandango 

The bar snacks here are a far cry from the usual packet of crisps. The bar serves a selection of tapas dishes including padron peppers, tempura tiger prawns, scallops, salmon yakitori skewers and many other dishes perfect for peckish after-work drinkers. We opted for the salt and pepper squid, padron peppers and hand cut chips, all of which vanished in mere moments with plenty of appreciative grunting noises from the table.


The Verdict: Nice cocktails, good buzz, mural is too bright.



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