Floridita, Soho

Floridita is a rather glamorous Latin-type restaurant by D&D London. Inspired by the famous Havanan bar El Floridita (birthplace of the daiquiri don’t you know?) this is Soho’s answer to Cuban cuisine. It’s not wholly awful, but it nearly is.

photo 1 copy

Descend a spiral staircase and you are confronted with a restaurant which goes on and on and on. In fact it looks very much like it should be a club and some idiot’s put tables in there as some sort of hilarious joke. Atmosphere-wise though this is a good place for dates and romancing, and on our visit there was some surprisingly good singing going on too.

photo 2The bar has that same tiki hula girl barbie on smack theme as Mahiki, but it’s quite fun and the cocktails are reasonably good. Beware though, the ‘mixologists’ here shall not be rushed, and like to spend a good 30-45 minutes on each drink. Pfft.

photo 3 copy

photo 4

Foodwise Floridita fared better than expected, but then Cuban cuisine is widely regarded as the worst in the Caribbean so I’m not sure what I did expect come to think of it. We began with smoked salmon and pork terrine. These were fairly good, and generous too. The terrine did come topped with a tiny square of weird jelly goo though, not sure what that was all about.


Then there was suckling pig and fillet of beef. This is where it all went a bit wrong. I received a huge mountain of beef, a man’s portion if you will. The boy however did not do so well and got a measly plate of piggy which made him all sad and disappointed in the face. His potatoes were also cold. Floridita appeared to hate him. My beef was good though, I shared it because I am kind.

Suckling Pig
Suckling Pig

Puds were a lot better. The cheesecake was fine, although boy did say it was too cheesy but I think he was just grumpy by this point. Fruit sorbet was a lot more exciting than a sorbet ought to be, so points for that.

Cheesecake - 'Too Cheesy'
Cheesecake – ‘Too Cheesy’

Then we had coffee. Unfortunately boy’s coffee was also cold. He burst into tears so we had to leave.

The Verdict: It’s quite fun, the bar is good and the cocktails aren’t bad at all, but the food is certainly not super and often not actually hot, so I wasn’t a massive fan.



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