Oaka at The Mansion House, Kennington

A brand new addition to Kennington’s non-existent dining scene is Oaka at The Mansion House, a pub/bar/restaurant mishmash which has taken the slightly dodgy Thai food in a pub issue and made it all… posh.

One side of The Mansion House is a rather swish bar serving a wide range of Oakham ales. If you fancy trying something outrageous ask the staff for their recommendations, everyone we spoke to seemed pretty knowledged up.

photo 5

The other side, however, is a fusion restaurant that’s a far cry from the ordinary Thai food in a pub experience. The restaurant makes its upmarket intentions clear – dark, glossy wood surrounds the tables and they’ve gone for the mood lighting (aka candles) in a big way.

The menu at first seems ridiculous. It includes pretty much every dish Asia has every dreamt up. There’s sushi, Thai curries, pad thai, tempura, miso black cod and all sorts. But don’t be put off by this…

We tried the Sambal chicken wings and seven-spiced squid to begin, both of which were fantastic and gobbled up in a matter of moments. No complaints there.

Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings
Spiced Squid
Spiced Squid

And then the mains. I had the Thai duck curry, which was marvellous and spicy and fruity and great. Boy went for spiced lamb cutlets, glazed with BBQ sauce. Also pretty damn good. We also had the sticky rice and the Japanese rice. We spotted no discernible difference between the two, but we can forgive them for this I suppose.  

Thai Duck Curry
Thai Duck Curry
Lamb Cutlets
Lamb Cutlets

There is also a television in the restaurant showing the goings on in the kitchens. Sometimes you can see them set fire to things. Quite exciting.

Gluten Free? Yes – there are tonnes of glutenless options here!

The Verdict: Great food, nice bar, could well be the first good restaurant in Kennington.




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