Product Review: Juvela White Mix

I am worse at gluten free baking than your average slug. And I don’t know if you know this, but slugs can’t bake. They can’t even hold a spoon. It’s a real problem. My GF baking attempts (INCLUDING pre-prepared mixes) have only ever resulted in another addition to what has been a frankly relentless series of crushing failures. Every attempt followed the same melancholy pattern: foolish optimism, closely followed by utter disappointment. And then I found this…

photo 3
Juvela White Bread Mix. Also does cake, allegedly!

This gluten free bread mix is idiot proof. I did it. ME! Imagine that. It’s easy as pie too. All you do is whack the powdered packet into a bowl, add the yeast (also supplied in the box) mix it up with 450ml of warm water and leave it in a warm spot for 30 minutes to prove. I chose the balcony, because it was a sunny day and I didn’t expect this to work. It gives me great delight to tell you that I was wrong, and also bread can prove on a balcony. Who knew?

Once it has done its growing in the sun you put the goopy un-dough like mixture into a bread tin and bake for around 30 minutes. And guess what… out comes bread! I know, I’m still in shock.

RESULT! (I ate one, to test it)
RESULT! (I ate one, to test it)

I made a mini loaf and four rolls. They were all brilliant. They looked and tasted like real bread. Alright so the crusts were so crusty I nearly chipped a tooth, but otherwise it was bloody brilliant.

Here is my chicken roll, looking all good and hipster on Instagram
Here is my gluten free chicken roll, looking all good and hipster on Instagram


N.B. Juvela products are only available on prescription in the UK as far as I know. Ask your pharmacist, kids!


3 thoughts on “Product Review: Juvela White Mix”

  1. hey awsome blog! have you ever baked with the dove farm flours? Everything I bake turns to crumbs and I end up using it all as a cheesecake base. I wondered if it was the same experience for you?

    1. Heyyy thanks for reading! I have tried them but every time I made something with them it had a weird twang to it… like a strange bitter aftertaste so I gave up with them quite quickly. M&S GF flour is pretty good though I think. xx

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