Product Review: Ilumi World

Ilumi is a brand new gluten free brand, that recently launched itself into the gluten free world at London’s Allergy Show. Their healthy products are perfect for almost any food allergy sufferer, because they’ve come up with a truly brilliant way of showing potential allergens on their website and packaging.

They’ve also managed to come up with branding that doesn’t look like it’s solely aimed at the over 60s, so well done to them.





Now they are ready meals – so of course never as good as making a fresh meal from scratch, but who has the time or inclination for that lark? No one. Well not me anyway. However if, like me, you are a very lazy slob-like critter these are the next best thing.

They’re pressure cooked for preservation so not full of chemicals and muck, and their contents are a far cry from the over-salted, over-greased slime dished out by many a supermarket ready meal section.

The good folk of Ilumi kindly sent over some samples for me to try. Here is the selection this lucky blogger received:


Gluten Free, Milk Free & Nut Free Meals by Ilumi
Gluten Free, Milk Free & Nut Free Meals by Ilumi


So far I have sampled the slow cooked lamb casserole, which contains lamb, potatoes, carrots and onions and – for a ready meal – tastes pretty damn good. Rich, juicy, lots of meat. No criticisms at all, in fact.


Ilumi Gluten Free Slow Cooked Lamb Casserole
Ilumi Gluten Free Slow Cooked Lamb Casserole


Next up was the Chicken Cacciatora, which I served with rice as I was instructed to by the very bossy packet. This one wasn’t such a roaring success, but was perfectly reasonable for a dinner that needs to be ready in three minutes flat! I felt this one tasted a bit too much of smokiness. Bacon overkill, perhaps? Although, on second thought I may have to retract that statement. The Internet seems to want to marry bacon at the moment. This could cause a backlash. I’ll lock the door.


Ilumi Gluten Free Chicken Cacciatora
Ilumi Gluten Free Chicken Cacciatora


Gluten Free: Everything Ilumi make is (thankfully) gluten free. It’s also all free of nuts and milk. Also available: celery free, onion free, carrot free, coconut free, dust free, free of hair etc. etc.


You can find out more about Ilumi, and where you can get your hands on their products here.

N.B. Ilumi didn’t pay me to write this blog, they just provided a few days of sustenance.


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