Product Review: ASDA Gluten Free Cous Cous

Recently ASDA caused quite a stir by releasing gluten free cous cous. I was absolutely amazed when I saw it, mother kept laughing at my stupid grinning face. Truly – it was a great day. But what’s it like? I hear you cry. Well take a seat, for I shall tell all.


photo 1


Ok so it’s not exactly like cous cous. But it’s near enough. More of a nutty taste like quinoa and a slightly harder texture, but it works I think. Gluten-loving boy though was totally unimpressed, however, so I don’t think this is one of those things you can get away with serving to non-gluten-free folks.


photo 2


I cooked it exactly like I would quinoa, using lots of stock and adding plenty of veggies to spice it up a bit. And it was good! Well, I thought so. Give it a try, brave readers! You might just like it.


p.s. Sorry for shoddy photography. I was hungry.




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