Elliot’s, Borough Market

Elliot’s Cafe is not a cafe in any usual sense of the word. It is Borough Market’s answer to a cafe, a rather swish version which serves only the finest of British produce and offers a menu of small plates such as steak tartare and octopus as well as larger plates like roast chicken with aioli. And then there’s the cheeseburger – which Daniel Young thinks is one of London’s greatest.

Elliot's, Borough Market
Elliot’s, Borough Market

A modern interior is filled with plenty of wood and exposed brickwork, they’ve even written on the walls about how splendid their ingredients are. Well, it is in Borough Market so that is to be expected I suppose.

Inside Elliot's Cafe
Inside Elliot’s Cafe

The Head Chef is coeliac, so if you’re gluten free Elliot’s is definitely a safe option. Our waitress informed us that almost all dishes are made without gluten. Well except the burger, sadly!

Gluten Free Friendly Menu at Elliot's Cafe, Borough Market
Gluten Free Friendly Menu at Elliot’s Cafe, Borough Market

We began with Friggitello peppers and ancho chili – sweet, slightly spicy and surprisingly morish (they are vegetables, hence the surprise).

Friggitello peppers and ancho chili
Friggitello peppers and ancho chili

Waiter chappy advised us to go for one big plate, and two small ones to accompany it. “Elliot’s is all about sharing,” he said. Hmm. Anyhow we did as we were told, picking the half chargrilled chicken & aioli, as well as a pork salad and new potatoes with roast garlic butter.

Lunch at Elliot's
Lunch at Elliot’s

I was impressed by everything. Absolutely everything. Even the salad dressing was brilliant, with a citrus kick that went perfectly with crispy pork and crackling. The new potatoes were probably the richest and least healthy I’ve ever had, but don’t worry about that because they’re practically perfect in every way. And the chicken. Amaze.

And lets not forget their homemade lemonade, which is definitely worth a try if you’re not going to hit the wine list. It’s sharp and sweet and totally scrummy. There are 7ups everywhere hanging their heads in shame.

Homemade Lemonade
Homemade Lemonade

I was fit to burst so had to give up at the dessert menu stage, but the others tried brandy chocolates which they were FULL of praise for, and the espresso wasn’t bad at all. They are in spitting distance of Monmouth Coffee, which might have had something to do with that..

Dessert Menu
Dessert Menu
Brandy Chocolates
Brandy Chocolates

And so we left to waddle about the market, stinking of garlic and butter and a totally brilliant lunch. Full marks, Elliot. We’ll be back.



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