Product Review: FRANK* Bars

There’s a newcomer on the gluten free, dairy free & nut free cereal bar scene – and his name is Frank.

Frank's Bars
Frank’s Bars

Frank has made us delicate souls a whole host of different flavoured cereal bars, using plenty of good stuff such as oats and coconut and the like.

They are stocked up with a lot of protein, because the smart folk at the Frank Food Company have added something called ENERGYSMART® to their bars. They are also good for vegans, so you won’t be finding any eggs in there either.

Currently Frank’s honest snacks come in the following flavours; oats & chocolate (the snacks and such tasters’ preferred choice), strawberry & chocolate, blueberry & chocolate, double chocolate and orange & chocolate. So yeah, they all have chocolate in them. Which isn’t a bad thing, in my book.

Frank's Bars - All the flavours!
Frank’s Bars – All the flavours!

In the interests of research we tried the lot. I know, a generous bunch we are. I can report that the bars reminded me somewhat of nakd bars, which are made of a mixture of fruit and nuts all squished up into a fudge-like texture. Although, Frank’s bars are a bit more brownie like in texture, and feel a little less like ‘health food’ thanks to a generous layer of chocolate on top.

My favourite has to be the oats & chocolate flavour, but then I do have an unhealthy obsession with oats.

Oats & Chocolate... Undressed
Oats & Chocolate… Undressed

A Bit About Frank: 

Interestingly Frank’s Food Company wasn’t founded by anyone named Frank. It’s the brainchild of former Everton footballer Neil Robinson. Neil loves his fitness and is all about healthy living, so he noticed that many ‘healthy snacks’ are in fact… terribly fattening imposters. Yeah, nutri-grain, we’re looking at you here.

So he created Frank’s Bars, using all healthy good stuff that will keep you young and strong and possibly* turn you into a premiership footballer.

Each bar only has around 120 calories and 2g of fat. Keep eating them and you’ll look like Naomi Campbell in no time.**

*This is unlikely, unless you are already quite good.

** See above.

If you want to try Frank’s Bars you can buy them online, or click here for a full list of UK stockists.


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