Urban Food Festival, Shoreditch

Shoreditch’s brand new foodie extravaganza the Urban Food Fest has been billed as much more than just another food festival. There’s live music, make-up artists and caricaturists as well as a bar for a few pre-dinner drinks as you peruse the dinner options.

Admittedly it is in a car park right beside a petrol garage, so not one for impressing a first date, but on my visit I couldn’t fault the atmosphere – made all the better by the fact that it was a hot sunny evening (these could be rarer on upcoming Saturdays so don’t hang about).

photo 4

The options include all of London’s street food favourites, from gourmet burgers and burritos to more adventurous options like Geaux Cajun’s famous frog’s legs and that Ramen burger by Galbi Bros. There are also plenty of patisserie stands for pudding and some absolutely incredible macaroons by The Crumbery, including one that looks like a cheeseburger. Imagine!


The Crumbery
The Crumbery
Veggie wonderland
Veggie wonderland

On our visit we tried a few options, with boy inevitably options for a burger by Burger Bear Tom – the taste I think was improved by the dancing burger chefs. Boy says it was one of the best burgers ever, so I would love them to start doing gluten free buns like the fab Honest Burgers…

Dancing Burger Bear Tom. Not sure if this is actually Tom or not..
Dancing Burger Bear Tom. Not sure if this is actually Tom or not..

We also had a taste of Louisiana in the form of Geaux Cajun, a street food stall serving up gumbo, jambalaya, po’ boys, frog’s legs, sweet potato chilli and cajun chicken (my preferred option!) The chicken comes in hot, hotter or bloody hot. I went for the first option, because I’m a bit of a wimp – and it was certainly hot enough for my needs! The sweet potato fries too are pretty damn good – especially when paired with their spicy chicken.

Geaux Cajun

Cajun chicken, sweet potato fries, chilli mayo, WINE

Cajun chicken, sweet potato fries, chilli mayo, WINE
Cajun chicken, sweet potato fries, chilli mayo, WINE

Boy also couldn’t resist a gigantic custard filled doughnut monster from Flavours of Portugal. No gluten free options here, though, I’m afraid.

Gluten Free: Choices are limited but everything looked very tasty indeed… Geaux Cajun’s sweet potato fries in particular – and The Crumbery’s macaroons!
The Verdict: A fun, cheap night out with some exceptional food. Car park dining never tasted so good.



The Urban Food Festival is open on Saturday nights from 5pm to midnight

Find The Food At: 




E1 6HU



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