Newburn Bakehouse White Chocolate & Raspberry Muffins

When it comes to the muffin very few free from brands have got it completely right. They’re always too crumbly, too bland or too stodgy. But the beauties I’ve tried from Newburn Bakehouse – well they’re just about perfect!

I was therefore practically beside myself with excitement when I heard they’ve launched a brand new muffin – white chocolate and raspberry. Hey, it’s the little things.

photo 1

They sent me a couple to test out, obviously realising the fine muffin palate I possess…

And they definitely did not disappoint! Rich as a muffin should be but with a bite of raspberry, these are a new contender for best free from muffin on the market. Closely followed by Newburn Bakehouse’s lemon and poppyseed, I reckon.


The gluten free muffins are baked with white chocolate and crumbled raspberries, and then each one is topped off with a big chunk of white chocolate. The perfect treat with a cuppa!

The muffin's innards
The muffin’s innards

They’re so new they don’t even have packaging yet, so don’t worry – they won’t actually look like this.

Keep an eye out, they’ll be hitting shops soon… (if I haven’t bought them all)

Gluten Free? Why yes, they’re as gluten free as can be 😉


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