Ropewalk Street Food, Maltby Street

Street food has taken a rare trip out of Shoreditch to set up camp on Maltby Street, near London Bridge. They’re calling it Ropewalk, it’s got a proper sign and everything.

photo 2

This is no ordinary street food market though. It’s all very vintage, very rustic and very upmarket. These are the sort of street food stalls you’d take your parents to. They’ve got decorations on them. And some have little chairs! Oh yes, it’s very classy.

But enough about the market, what of the food? Well the selection is more varied than many street food offerings, with all the cuisines your imagination can conjure up on offer. NB: This is assuming that your imagination can conjure up the following: Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Polish, British, French… and cake. Also a stand just for mushrooms. Not sure which country that comes under… just call him the mushroom man. They’re portobello mushrooms, if that helps.

photo 4

There’s also lethal cauldrons of polish punch bubbling away and plenty of drinks stalls dishing out much needed hot cocktails to warm you up all nice and good. And gin tasting! Everyone loves gin.


Want to know the most exciting bit? There’s a cake stand there, just for gluten free cakes. It’s called Pearl & Groove. And it gets better, because these cakes are bloody brilliant. They’re all entirely flourless and come in an assortment of weird and wonderful flavours. I tried the mince pie one. Like heaven in your face, it is. Try one, do. (They’re £3 for a little loaf, or less for florentines and brownies)


The Verdict: Street food stalls with none of the usual suspects – check it out if you’re after something a little different. Also take a hat. It’s cold.

Gluten Free: Yeah, check out Pearl & Groove and have a chat with the stalls that are there on the day, everyone is beyond helpful.



Open: Sundays 11am-4pm


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