5 Reasons Why Twitter Hated Last Night’s Sherlock

Sherlock’s parade was thoroughly rained on last night by some rather unladylike behaviour in a certain Orwellian house of horrors, but a handful of people were watching Bilbo Baggins and his Cumberbatch-shaped sidekick as they flitted around London solving crimes in glorious coats in last night’s episode ‘The Sign of Threes’.


Although it was, for the most part, a glorious display of BBC brilliance, the episode did attract its fair share of criticism. Many people were downright displeased by Sherlock’s latest antics.

Twitter’s armies rose up in a unison of furious tweets. At one point someone went so far as to tweet the word SHITLOCK.

And this is why:

1. It Lasted For Weeks 

Last night’s episode lasted about 4 hours longer than it should have. Sherlock wanted to indulge himself in hours and hours of Sherlock-time, so as to show off at least 7 of his illustrious coats.

“Look at them, look at how they move, look how absolutely fabulous I look here on this rooftop, casually scanning the London skyline with my collar up,” he said, whilst the decades ticked by.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 14.11.09

2. People Got Stabbed and Didn’t Notice 

On two separate occasions during last night’s episode a gentleman of full healthy working order was stabbed so violently that it would cause DEATH, yet importantly DID NOT NOTICE.

This is because the pair were both sporting tight belts. If you’re wearing a tight belt you won’t feel a thing when a massive knife tears through your abdomen, say the writers of Sherlock, overcome with their incredible brilliance and taste in coats.

Twitter was not convinced. I wasn’t either.

3. Sherlock Got Squiffy

Because Watson is getting married Sherlock and Watson go to some pubs to have a stag night where they are the only ones in attendance. Neither of them has a single other friend in the world. This is sad, and they are sad. That’s why they get so bladdered that Sherlock spends the best part of half an hour sprawled on the floor ‘clueing for looks’.

Twitter wasn’t sure, but did believe that they might be insinuating that a fine upstanding gentleman like Mr Sherlock Holmes cannot handle his drink. And Twitter didn’t believe that for a moment.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 14.11.32

4. Watson Did Not Man Up  

Sherlock just spent two years pretending to be dead, and then popped up out of nowhere to destroy his good friend Watson’s romantic proposal moment in a fancypants restaurant. Watson, however, seemed only mildly irritated by this and chose Sherlock as his Best Man days later.

Why is he so forgiving? Has he faced many years of neglect? Self-esteem issues? What is it? These are the questions Twitter needs answered.

5. The Wedding Photographs Got Wrecked

Would you keep your wedding photographs, knowing that a murderer had taken them?  I’m not sure what Watson is going to do about this, but it does trouble me. And it troubled Twitter, too.

Sherlock’s final instalment will be taking over your TV and Twitter feed on 12th January. BBC1. And if you can’t wait here’s a trailer, for your viewing pleasure.


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