This Sunday: No Trousers On The Tube Day

If you, like many people, have always enjoyed journeying around London inside a tiny tin can made of DANGER, but felt the experience could be enhanced by some nudity, then you sir are IN LUCK.

This Sunday, the fine day of the 12th January, offers Londoners their annual chance to whip off those dastardly trousers and skirts and flounce around the vomit-encrusted carriages of their favourite tube train all bare-legged and free.

Screen-Shot-2014-01-07-at-17.24.39-528x397 Imagine the blissful sight of your fellow passengers’ cellulite rippling with every jerk of the train. Imagine the confused expressions of befuddled tourists as they form opinions on all of Britain based on your perverse actions. Imagine the LAUGHS you will have as you go for a naked pink at your local naked pub afterwards. Oh how droll it shall be.




If you want to join in this strange sport for the criminally insane join the Facebook page here, and meet like-minded oddballs to go for half-naked nights out with, or perhaps semi-nude bowling, a round of naked golf, or perhaps you might want to take your life in your hands and embark on a game of naked DARTS?



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