Gluten Free Burgers at Gourmet Burger Kitchen

I fell in love with Gourmet Burger Kitchen at an early age. I loved the fact that almost all burgers on the menu seemed totally excessive. I loved that they were all served with sticks in, lest they toppled over in a meaty mess. I loved that toppings included such madcap ideas as AVOCADO and PINEAPPLE. I just loved it.

But alas, many years ago I was struck by the cruelest of ailments. Gluten turned on me, and, with a tear in my eye, I was forced to turn my back on Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

Photo 11-01-2014 13 59 28

There is a light at the end of this tunnel of junk food dreams, though. Because Gourmet Burger Kitchen now have a gluten free menu and I’m TOO excited to tell you about it.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Gluten Free Menu
Gourmet Burger Kitchen Gluten Free Menu

You can get almost all burgers in a gluten free bun, and many of the sides are fine for gluten free diets, too. The chips are currently off the gluten free menu (fried along with gluten monsters) – but here’s hoping this will change in the future.

Gluten-Full Menu
Gluten-Full Menu

Photo 11-01-2014 13 59 13

Photo 11-01-2014 14 08 13

I tried the classic burger with bacon – a good burger, nice bacony stuff, loads of mayo. All good. Not quite pink enough in the middle, I prefer a more Honest Burgers shade of rose within, but that’s probably just me. The gluten free bun wasn’t as good as those of Honest Burgers, though (supplied by WAG Free). A little dry I thought – perhaps could do with being toasted?

Gluten Free Classic Burger with Bacon
Gluten Free Classic Burger with Bacon

Photo 11-01-2014 14 16 41

Boy had ‘The Don’ a gluten-full feast masquerading as a burger, which includes American cheese, gorgonzola, bacon aioli, rocket, onion jam, pickled onion, house mayo AND a brioche bun. Ridiculous, isn’t it? He loved it though.

The Don Burger
The Don Burger
Skin-On Chips (Not Gluten Free)
Skin-On Chips (Not Gluten Free)

The Verdict: Good burgers, and it was great to see a gluten free menu at a chain as big as this – but not my favourite gluten free burgers in London.


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