Better Yourself on The London Eye – Free Mind, Body, Soul & Career Workshops

Did somebody say NEW YEAR, NEW ME?

Apparently they did, and Southbank wheel of dreams, The London Eye, has answered their cries. REJOICE.

They’re hosting a healthtastic sightseeing mashup in honour of the Eye’s grand reopening this Saturday (18th Jan).

The day will involve plenty of looking at views, along with a bit of exercise and relaxation stuff, and a smattering of “ooh look there’s my house”. Odd right?

Anyway the four experiences available tomorrow are:

MIND – Expert advice in relaxing meditation techniques from the London based ‘Heruka Centre’. Basically a complete guide to how to relax as you contemplate the lovely sights of London from way up there on the Eye. Sounds sort of nice, that.

BODY – Danai Kougiouli: Resident yoga and fitness guru Danai is doing yoga. It will be invigorating, apparently.

SOUL – Artist Melissa Scott-Miller is going to lead a painting group  as they take in the views. Sky-high painting. Nice.

CAREER – Zoe Griffin: Former showbiz journalist, turned blogger and author of ‘Get Rich Blogging’ will give a career masterclass on how to become rich like her. Hmmmm.

Go do it. See London. Better yourself. Then drink a pondwater smoothie or something.

P.S. If you actually want to do it arrive early, places are limited. The experiences will run from 11.00am until 1.00pm. Registration will start from 10.00am.


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