Bar Review: Garlic & Shots, Soho

Do you really like garlic? Do you like garlic so much than you spend your nights dreaming of it, hoping and wishing that one day you might be able to live in a house carved entirely of garlic, with a voluptuous garlic wife and adoring miniature garlic children?

Do you find, when visiting bars, that there simply isn’t enough garlic in any of the drinks to satisfy your needs?

Then this, sir, is for you. Garlic & Shots. A whole bar dedicated to one foul-smelling herb and its many pungent uses. And also shots, lots of shots.

Photo 11-07-2013 19 48 32

“No dishes are served without garlic. You can always order extra garlic, but never less. As you leave the restaurant you should feel like you’ve been garlic marinated. This is our mission from God,” – say the Olsson Bros, who fucking love garlic. 

Photo 11-07-2013 19 53 01

So, What’s It Like? 

Entering the restaurant is a bit like being hit by a train. A train carved entirely from fresh garlic, powered solely by garlic, and driven by the garlic-conductor who struggles to maintain control because his arms are made of garlic baguettes and he can’t see properly through his GARLIC EYES.

If you do reach the subterranean bar without succumbing to the fumes, though, you’ll find out what would happen if an American dive bar fell into a sewer, along with 18 million bulbs of garlic, and the staff just carried on serving as if nothing had happened.

Look closely and you’ll see rats cockily scampering about in distressed leather jackets, downing shots and lathering themselves in garlic butter.

There are also weird things about the place, like this guy…

Photo 11-07-2013 19 53 05

And they  hate hipsters…

Photo 11-07-2013 19 51 26

The shots come in ALL flavours. Seriously. All of them. Especially garlic. You can get garlic vodka, garlic rum and garlic brandy.

Imagine how fresh you’re going to smell after one of those. Pretty fresh indeed.


Will I Find Love? 

HELL NO. Ain’t NO WAY you’re getting lucky after one of these monsters.

Should I Go?

Er… only if you like garlic. And I mean really like garlic.

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