Time For a Shopping Spree? Head to Liberty, Regent Street

It’s the middle of January – the driest, skintest and coldest of times. Obviously my natural response to this terrible wrong that has been done us was to take a trip up to Regent Street for a day of browsing objects I cannot afford alongside objects I could never afford… and where’s the best place to do that? Liberty, of course.


Photo 19-01-2014 14 20 26

This gargantuan department store dates back to 1875 when it was opened by Mr Arthur Liberty who had a grand total of three staff members. Now it seems to stretch for miles, with rooms upon rooms of luxurious bits and bobs waiting to be discovered.


There’s make-up, furnishings and bath bombs that actually do cost a bomb. There’s a haberdashery bit for the creative ones amongst you – and of course miles upon miles of the classic Liberty prints.

liberty-london liberty-london

Hats are fun.
Valentino Headbands – £130
Everyone needs cupcake post-its, right?

Photo 19-01-2014 13 52 40 liberty-london

Climb up to the top level and you’ll discover exactly how expensive rugs can get (pretty damn expensive), and what happens if you design a light shaped like a bunny rabbit (I need one).

Photo 19-01-2014 14 21 40 Photo 19-01-2014 14 20 00

Photo 19-01-2014 14 16 34

Take a wander around the chocolate shop – you can get the world’s biggest chocolate coins and jars of sweets shaped like other things which they’re not. Maize chocolate. YES PLEASE.

Photo 19-01-2014 14 03 25 Photo 19-01-2014 14 04 25 (1) liberty-london

So – if you do win the lottery anytime soon, or are just looking for a bit of glammed up window shopping have a browse around Liberty. Harrods has got nothing on this place.

There’s even a spa, for god’s sake. A SPA.

Regent Street

Monday to Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 12 – 6pm


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