Breakfast at The Wolseley, Piccadilly

Breakfast at The Wolseley is just one of those things you’ve got to do. Really, it’s that good.

The Wolseley is not your ordinary restaurant, more a luxurious watering hole for London’s rich and famous. The place is renowned for its breakfasts, which range from the totally acceptable morning type stuff (granola, vienoisserie, full english etc.) to outlandish creations for the unforgivably wealthy – they serve a caviar omelette, I kid you not.

Breakfast The Wolseley

Housed within a 1920s car showroom, within spitting distance of The Ritz, Fortnum & Mason and Caviar House, a shop which exclusively sells caviar, this elegant place has been designed with Viennese grandeur in mind, and the atmosphere’s electric.

The Wolseley
The Wolseley

We began with fresh mint tea and coffees at the small gilded bar at the front, whilst waiting for a table within the main restaurant.

The Wolseley Mint Tea
The Wolseley Mint Tea
The Wolseley Breakfast Menu
The Wolseley Breakfast Menu

After pondering the menu for about three weeks, we finally made our decisions. One Full English, one Potato Rosti with avocado and bacon, Eggs Arlington, Granola with banana and a stack of Blueberry Pancakes. And Champagne too – obviously one cannot breakfast without Champagne.

The Wolseley Blueberry Pancakes
Blueberry Pancakes
The Wolseley Full English
Full English
Potato Rosti, Avocado, Bacon The Wolseley
Potato Rosti, Avocado, Bacon
The Wolseley Granola
The Wolseley Granola
Eggs Arlington
Eggs Arlington

The food here is just faultless, and it has been every time I’ve visited. My granola was super sweet and totally delicious, and I’m pleased to say The Wolseley have divulged their secret recipe, so you can have a go at making some if you like.

The Wolseley

The Verdict: It may be expensive, but for special occasions and celebrations you can’t beat this place.


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