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Street Feasting at Hawker House

I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but on Friday night I found myself at one of those clapped-out warehouses I love to complain about. It was situated, rather alarmingly, on a Bethnal Green backstreet. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Hawker House.


A newish venture by the people behind Street Feast, London’s latest foodie festival is so desperately cool that many guests entered and immediately burst into tears.


It looks like a kind of romantic crime scene, complete with black and yellow danger tape and all the world’s tealights. It’s probably the kind of place hipsters are made.


Sounds positively nightmarish doesn’t it? Well, oddly enough, it isn’t. You see the food, despite arriving in a box, is DELICIOUS. Not only that – the atmosphere is oddly brilliant and there are little raised platforms dotted about the place, which are basically little furnished TREEHOUSES.


First stop was the Rotary Bar, where they serve up these things called ‘giant festival-sized cocktails’ – yes, that’s right, a PINT of cocktail.

Rotary Bar Cocktail List
Rotary Bar Cocktails

We tried the Apollo Gin Smash (Gin, Apple, Lemon, Mint, Elderflower & Red Grapes) which was fantastic and disappeared in an embarrassingly short space of time, and the Mojito, which definitely needed more of a kick (MORE RUM).



Then it was feeding time, so we trundled off to check out the options… This place is great if you’ve got fussy friends, Friday’s options included doughnuts, Seychelles street food, fresh pasta, pizza, BBQ, Dim Sum buns, dirty burgers, Indian tacos and Greek souvlaki & mezze. You can check the menu for your chosen weekend here.

You Doughnut



We tried Fundi’s stone-baked pizzas, which are made right in front of you in a fiery pit of hot (and were consumed whilst still smoking).

Fundi’s Pizza

Then two dishes by the Grilling Greek – triple cooked chips with feta (The best chips of my life – Heston’s got nothing on these guys) and a Greek mezze platter (Gluten free option, and very tasty to boot).

photo 2-1

Greek Mezze
Terrible picture of the BEST CHIPS EVER

The Verdict: London’s finest street food, all under one grubby warehouse roof. Weirdly wonderful.

 photo 1-4


E2 9AP



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