The Oxford vs. Cambridge Goat Race, Spitalfields

Forget that Boat Race lark, the real sporting action on April 6th will be taking place at Spitalfields City Farm, when two hairy little gladiators prepare for the ultimate battle in… The Goat Race.



Situated just off the tourist hotspot that is Brick Lane, Spitalfields City Farm is a little oasis of pretend countryside in good old London town. And they do brilliant stuff like goat racing, which makes them the best farm ever.








There were a few grumbles about overcrowding last year (this is an intensely popular occasion, after all) so the organisers have promised a reduced capacity for 2014. And EXTRA entertainment. Hopefully the penguin skeleton bob. Or a stunningly choreographed synchronised swim performed exclusively by meerkats. We live in hope.


Sunday, 6 April 2014
13:00 to 18:00



£10 for big people

£1 for small people

Get them here.


Spitalfields City Farm,
Buxton Street, 
E1 5AR 


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