London Postcode Bangles

Jewellers and London lovers Whistle & Bango have launched a collection of postcode bangles, so you can show some love for your London borough of choice. The company was founded by three South-West London girls who just love discovering the hidden gems that London has to offer.


The collection currently features a small selection of postcodes from across the capital starting at Β£60. If your chosen postcode isn’t available you can even vote for it to be added.


What do you think? Would you wear your home on your wrist?


3 thoughts on “London Postcode Bangles”

  1. Yes, I’d wear my home on my wrist…if only the privilege didn’t cost Β£60. I like the look of the bangles, and am pleased that my postcode is available, but the price tag’s just too hefty for my liking. I’m wondering how much of a coincidence it is that most of the postcodes on offer are quite affluent ones; maybe I’m being a bit of a grump here?

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