Shoreditch’s Urban Food Fest is Back

Shoreditch’s street food wonder the Urban Food Fest returns this Saturday, which means SUMMER IS HERE (ish)!


The festival will open with a celebratory Where’s Wally party, obviously. Guests are being asked to dress up as the elusive and slightly frightening Where’s Wally chap, in the hope of winning scrumptious prizes on the night. Just like last year there’ll be live music, make-up artists and caricaturists as well as a bar for a few pre-dinner drinks as you peruse the dinner options. 



Definitely DO NOT miss dancing burger bear Tom and his non-dancing burgers, or the amazing macaroons by The Crumberry. They had peanut butter & jelly flavour last night. HEAVEN I tells ya. To read all about last year’s Urban Food Fest visit click here.


The Urban Food Festival is open on Saturday nights from 5pm to midnight




E1 6HU




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