Lego Robots at Drink Shop Do, King’s Cross

First let me begin by issuing a most humble apology for the recent neglect of London Grump. You see I have just moved into a brand new dwelling in London town, and due to the complete ineptitude of Orange/EE/whoever they are these days, I am entirely WITHOUT internet. A fate worse than death, you’ll understand.


Anyhow I have now secured a smidgeon of internet, so I’ll use it wisely to tell you about this incredible happening which begins at 7pm this evening. There are LEGO ROBOTS. And COCKTAILS.


Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.48.06


By now you are presumably already sold, but I’ll tell you a bit more just incase. If you go to a magical and marvellous place called ‘Drink Shop Do’, located on lovely Caledonian Road, you can try your hand at all sorts of unusual activities.




Tonight visitors will be invited to construct mechanised monsters made out of those tiny little torture bricks, in the hope of winning a prize for best creation! Stick this on your bucket list. Judging at 10PM.




If lego robots don’t take your fancy there’s plenty more in store over the next few weeks, from vintage hair & make-up to coffee tasting sessions. See it all right here: Drink Shop Do.


9 Caledonian Rd,
King’s Cross,
N1 9DX
020 7278 4335


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