Balthazar, Covent Garden

Balthazar is the London brand of Keith McNally’s New York restaurant; it opened its doors for the very first time in 2013. Now I haven’t actually seen the New York version but rumour has it the Covent Garden outpost is exactly the same. Like EXACTLY.


photo 1


Unperturbed by their blatant lack of originality, I traipsed through tourist-ville to visit Balthazar last Friday, and I must say that, for Covent Garden, it was really quite ok.


photo 3


The restaurant is all glitz and glam, a sort of American take on what a French brasserie looks like. It’s like being in Paris, if Paris was actually designed by Walt Disney. There’s many a plush leather banquette, giant walls smothered in antique mirrors and flooring made of a thousand tiny mosaics.


We stopped at the bar for a drink, Champagne obviously (we are in Paris, you know), before moving onto our next destination. If you do stay for food there’s a trans-Atlantic menu featuring all the French favourites, and the bread’s supposed to be amazing, thanks to master baker Jon Rolfe’s next door boulangerie.


photo 4




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