A Persian Feast at Doost, Kennington Road

Owing to a bit of a kerfuffle between our Lord Boris of Johnson and the naughty train drivers last week, I found myself stuck in the delightful land of Kennington, with naught but a sly hope of gourmet dining to keep my spirits up. After a bit of exploration I stumbled upon Doost, a Persian restaurant on Kennington Road, which, weirdly enough, doubles as a vodka bar.


Doost Restaurant


Of course I was sold, hurling myself inside with such enthusiasm many customers dropped their forks in shock. Having been seated within this diminutive little eating hole, which, I can only imagine was designed with borrowers in mind, I found myself perusing a menu so vast it took almost all my strength to hold it upright.


On the menu were all the world’s dishes which could conceivably be thought of as ‘Persian’. Reams of starters included dips and flatbreads, tiger prawns, calamari, the terribly exclusive ‘Doost Chicken’ and much much more. Refusing wholeheartedly to waste valuable time and energy on decision making, I opted for the mysterious ‘Platter For Two’, Chef’s selection of six Mazeh served with Barbari & Taftoon Bread. (I shared it, I’m not Augustus Gloop).


Chef’s selection of six Mazeh
Chef’s selection of six Mazeh


What arrived was a veritable feast of Persian goodness! King Prawns with Herb, Tamarind, Coriander & Parsley, Herb Frittata, Roasted Aubergine & Garlic, Caspian Olive Tapenade and Calamari. All of which tasted entirely wonderful, my favourite being the Roasted Aubergine & Garlic, a tiny bowl so powerful it could easily have knocked out the entire cast of Twilight.


Mains were good, yet a little less interesting than the starter platter. It is of course tremendously difficult to compete with a platter, though. I opted for the Doost Chicken, reasoning that it must be terrifically tasty if they chose to name their restaurant after it.


Doost Chicken
Doost Chicken


It was indeed tasty, juicy and rich with saffron and lime, but I did feel it was perhaps lacking a little something. The portion though was incredibly generous, I imagine a whole field of chickens must have lost their lives for it. It was accompanied by a mountain of saffron rice, and a tiny pot of butter. Do Persians butter their rice? And if so, is one to butter each grain of rice individually? Must take them ages.


Tender Lamb Fillet
Tender Lamb Fillet


Boy too opted for a ‘Persian Grill’ main course, choosing the Tender Lamb Fillet marinated in aromatic mixed herbs. And the lamb did triumph over the chicken! A wise choice boy made. I offered my congratulations, adopting stealth mode as I distracted him with bright lights and sparkles in an attempt to switch our plates. This proved unsuccessful, to my shame.




The Verdict: Brilliant food, great service, most delightful little miniature restaurant. Lovely.






305 Kennington Rd,
Greater London
SE11 4QE
020 7582 3123





2 thoughts on “A Persian Feast at Doost, Kennington Road”

  1. Dear Friend

    I like to thank you on behalf of the whole team at Doost for your kind comments about our restaurant. It is so good to know that people appreciate the affords one puts in.

    Next time you are in the area, please do give me a buzz it would be nice to say hello in person and perhaps show you our downstairs seating area

    Houman Meshkati

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