brasserie zedel

Brasserie Zédel, London W1

A glitzy French brasserie in the heart of Piccadilly, Brasserie Zedel serves up pretty good food at terrifying low prices.


brasserie zedel


On Saturday the Regent Tweet bloggers and I headed to this marvellous marble restaurant to try their three course fixed priced menu, which costs £11.75. Did you hear that? ELEVEN POUNDS.


brasserie zedel


Of course for ELEVEN POUNDS you don’t get the most elaborate of dishes, but you do get consistently good food that’s full of flavour, and you get it served pretty damn quickly too. The Prix Fixe menu currently includes:



Carottes Rapées

Main Course:

Steak Haché,

Sauce au Poivre et Frites


Café Gourmand


Tarte aux Poires

2 courses – £ 8.95
3 courses – £11.75



brasserie zedel
Carottes Rapées


We were most impressed by the Steak Haché, which isn’t really a steak at all, it’s sort of like a giant burger made out of mince that hasn’t been minced quite as much as it normally would be. To hide its shame it has lathered itself in a rich and creamy pepper sauce, completing the look with a sprinkling of whole peppercorns. But it tasted wonderful, bizarre hybrid of a dish or not.


brasserie zedel
Steak Haché, Sauce au Poivre


All about the frites
All about the frites


We ended the meal with coffee strong enough to blow the roof off and some dainty petit four type things which the French appear to call Café Gourmand.


Café Gourmand
Café Gourmand


Cafe Gourmand
Cafe Gourmand




The Verdict: The service on our visit was a bit surly, I must say, but we couldn’t fault the food or the atmosphere at this swanky looking place. It’s the perfect place to escape for a moment of calm in the midst of a Regent Street shopping spree… and apologies for harping on about the prices but there are starters for UNDER THREE POUNDS!!!


zedel 1






Brasserie Zédel
20 Sherwood Street,


Phone: 020 7734 4888


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2 thoughts on “Brasserie Zédel, London W1”

  1. I love this restaurant. I think the decor is amazing and feels like something from another era. Agree about the service but I hardly mind when the food is that good.

    1. Yeah the decor is amazing actually… I couldn’t believe how big it was when we went down to the restaurant.. bad service always does put me off a place though!! xx

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