World’s First Knitted Sweet Shop Now Open

London’s got a brand new corner shop, but this one’s not like the others. Created by Lucy Sparrow, this shop is entirely crafted from felt. Every single item in the world’s first knitted sweet shop has been meticulously sewn, stuffed and priced by Lucy over the past seven months to made one cuddly corner shop!


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 16.23.32


Where can you find it? I’ll give you three guesses…


Yeah obviously it’s in Bethnal Green. You guessed it, I’m sure you did.


Its housed within what was, until recently, a disused commercial space on Wellington Row. And there’s a nice bit to the project too, 12 community making workshops, developed in collaboration with local groups, enrol the socially excluded, and non-art audiences in shared-making activities as part of the installation. A live ‘felt cam’ will stream all the events too, meaning even if you can’t be in the cornershop you can see what is going on.

Its all about building social skills and encouraging reflection on the changing politics of consumption on the high street… including, of course, the sad demise of the corner shop.


The installation all started with a Kickstarter campaign to raise £2,000. And now it’s open, so head over to Wellington Row for a cornershop experience like no other. You can even buy the knitted merchandise!


Open until Sunday 31st August

Daily from 10am to 7pm

19 Wellington Row,


E2 7BB

The Cornershop Blog:


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