Churn2’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Pop-up at Somerset House

This summer Churn2, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, is setting up in a shipping container at Somerset House to serve MAGICAL LIQUID NITROGEN ICE CREAM.


Churn2 is the world’s first mobile liquid nitrogen ice cream shop from American entrepreneur Ash Chan. Ash, who can only be described as a sort of ice cream wizard man, uses the cryogenic freezing process to create amazing ice creams which are much denser, smoother and creamier than your regular ice creams. And yes I’m pretty sure cryogenic freezing is the same thing they use for some dead folk, but don’t let THAT put you off.




The flash-frozen ice cream is available in small (£2.50) or regular (£3.70) and uses fresh ingredients to create a weekly changing menu of two options.


Flavour combinations include:

  • Strawberry cheesecake
  • Lemon and basil
  • Chocolate coconut


Crossing the Atlantic for the first time from its Boston home, the modified shipping container will arrive in all its striking orange detailed glory. The container will open up at the front to reveal a serving hatch lined with three nitro mixers, which emit a theatrical smoky vapour while your ice cream is made. The process eliminates the use of heavy duty freezers making the container an environmentally friendly addition to the London food truck scene.


The iconic courtyard of Somerset House will be home to the ice cream pop up throughout the summer.





11am – 6pm on weekdays and 11am – 7pm on weekends, until 31st August.



Churn2 will extend its opening hours to 8.30pm during Somerset House’s summer evening events programme, which include the Film4 Summer Screen, during which a special POPCORN flavoured ice cream will be served. That’s exciting, don’t you think?



The Edmond J. Safra Court,
Somerset House,

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