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Aqua Shard at The Shard

The 32nd floor of London’s highest glassy wonder is home to Aqua Shard, a restaurant & bar serving the best of British cuisine alongside ridiculous views over the capital.


Enter via the robot lift (you don’t have to push the buttons.. it just knows you’re there..) and you’ll find yourself in an impressive three-storey high atrium bar, way up high above the streets of London.

photo 1_Fotor


We stopped for a glass of Champagne and were surprised to find the prices weren’t as bone-crushingly expensive as we’d expected them to be. You can get a bottle of wine (Pe Branco, Herdade do Esporao, Portugal for £24 here… but of course if you’re there for a special occasion there are many more options!


photo 5-1_Fotor



And check out those views…


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photo 3_Fotor


Aqua Shard is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. A quintessentially British menu includes dishes like grilled sea bass and rare breed roasts, as well as puddings like fig tart and buttermilk panna cotta. Aqua Shard also serves afternoon tea, available Monday – Friday 3.00pm – 5.00pm. A classic afternoon tea will set you back £34.50, or the Champers variety is £45.


View all the menus here, or click here to make a booking.



Open Monday to Sunday


7-10.30am Monday to Friday

9.00-10.00am Saturday and Sunday


12-2.45pm Monday to Friday


11am-3.30pm Saturday and Sunday

Afternoon Tea: 3-5pm Monday to Friday


6-10.45pm Monday to Sunday



12pm-1am Monday to Sunday

The bar operates on a walk in basis only, no reservations are taken. Entry is subject to capacity.

Aqua Shard
Level 31,
The Shard
31 St Thomas Street

+44 (0)20 3011 1256

Square Meal

Balthazar, Covent Garden

Balthazar is the London brand of Keith McNally’s New York restaurant; it opened its doors for the very first time in 2013. Now I haven’t actually seen the New York version but rumour has it the Covent Garden outpost is exactly the same. Like EXACTLY.

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Valentine’s Day at Gaucho, Chancery Lane

So Valentine’s Day happened on Friday, a thoroughly brilliant yet incredibly controversial day in which boys are required to spend oodles of money on chocolates, roses and other delightful gifts for girls, to prove that they love them and aren’t just with them for their shiny hair.

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STK at ME Hotel, Covent Garden

I have a confession to make. I have fallen from the Dryathlon wagon. The end was in sight, and yet still so far. I was offered a Champagne cocktail. It all went wrong.

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Bar Review: Garlic & Shots, Soho

Do you really like garlic? Do you like garlic so much than you spend your nights dreaming of it, hoping and wishing that one day you might be able to live in a house carved entirely of garlic, with a voluptuous garlic wife and adoring miniature garlic children?

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Bar Review: Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch

A bizarrely decorated beach hut in the middle of Bethnal Green, Beach Blanket Babylon stands at odds with its surroundings, yet retains an air of smugness because it’s much cooler (and cleaner) than the rest of Shoreditch’s bars and my god doesn’t it just know it.

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John Salt, Islington

Islington restaurant John Salt caused quite a stir when it opened under the tenure of Chef Ben Spalding – who made people lick actual bricks for some reason. He then left in a hurry, and was replaced by Pitt Cue’s Neil Rankin, who, it is claimed, was somewhat of a charcoal grill/big pieces of piggy meat hot shot. He’s since upped sticks, and been replaced by this gravy loving chef-man.

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The Garden Gate Pop-Up, OXO2

OXO2 have launched a brand new pop-up bar today, on the second floor of OXO Tower Wharf. It’s called The Garden Gate, because it’s full of grass and flowers and deck chairs and gnomes. Plenty of gnomes. One is called Norman. Look out for him, he’s a star. 

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Oscar’s at Charlotte Street Hotel, Soho

Charlotte Street Hotel is a pretty green thing in the middle of Soho’s media neighbourhood, home to Oscar’s bar and restaurant. It has been designed according to a ‘Bloomsbury Group’ theme. From what I can tell this involves leather chairs, lots of flowers and massive multicoloured headache inducing murals.

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