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Free Gin! It’s #TanquerayThursdays

Forget that World Cup nonsense. This Saturday is WORLD GIN DAY, a day so smashing that many find it entirely impossible to comprehend. In fact, some smart thinking types at Tanqueray love World Gin Day so much they’ve decided to extend it…



Now gin-lovers of the world will be able to enjoy two-for-one gin cocktails at ten of London’s finest cocktail bars every Thursday, for TEN WHOLE weeks, thanks to a wonderful new thing called #TanquerayThursdays.


Tanqueray was born nearly 200 years ago in London’s Bloomsbury, and it also happens to be the best-selling gin in the top 50 Best Bars In The World. So its seems entirely just that it should have more than one day on this busy calendar of ours.



To get your two for one cocktails all you need to do is show your bartender that you’ve tweeted something to do with #TanquerayThursdays. And boom. Double the gin for you. There’ll be ten bars participating. They are…


  • Bounce, Holborn
  • The King of Ladies Man, Battersea
  • The Lucky Pig, Fitzrovia
  • Earlham Street Clubhouse, Covent Garden
  • Cecil’s, London Bridge
  • Ruby’s, Dalston
  • The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, Liverpool Street
  • Steam & Rye, The City
  • The Big Easy, Covent Garden
  • Callooh Callay, Shoreditch


#TanquerayThursdays will be running for ten weeks, from 9th June 18th August 2014. For a full list of the participating bars, information about each week’s featured bar and weekly opportunities to enter brand new competitions, visit the #TanquerayThursdays page HERE.


Dirty Martini, Hanover Square

If you’re looking to channel your inner Bond with a delicious and nutritious* Martini you can’t go wrong with Dirty Martini.


dirty martini


The Hanover Square branch is the perfect place to rest weary toes after a day of shopping on nearby Regent Street, and that’s exactly what we did last weekend.


dirty martini


J’Ara of style and beauty blog La Sugar Lace and I sampled two of their classic cocktails. J’Ara picked the Dirty Martini, which must be said with much emphasis on the DIRTY. This includes your choice of Martini Grey Goose Vodka or Tanqueray Gin, mixed with Kalamata olives & thyme served straight up with a hint of Martini and Extra Dry Vermouth. This tasted like all the world’s alcohol in one glass. I tried it and almost fell of the face of the Earth.


dirty martini


My choice was a little less adventurous, Passion Fruit Martini, a delectable concoction of Beefeater Gin shaken with Passoa, fresh passion fruit and passion fruit juice. This was rather less shocking. Sort of like fruit juice, but better. Much better.


dirty martini passion fruit


Dirty Martini also does happy hours, where you can get half price Prosecco cocktails, Martinis and bottled wine. Which means you can drink twice as much!!! Or just spend less, whatever.


dirty martini


*Really, some are sort of healthy! Dirty Martini also serve up skinny cocktails, the skinniest of which contains a mere 123 calories – it’s called Skinny Grape & Elderflower Martini, ok weight watchers?


Hanover Square Happy Hours:

Mon – Thurs 4pm – 10pm

Fri – Sat 4pm – 8pm


10c Hanover Square




0844 371 2550


Square Meal

Why No One Should Ever Go To Walkabout

A sort of village hall come student union, Walkabout is the undisputed king of shit nights out. Like a weeping sore on the banks of the Thames, this miserable chamber of inebriation is immediately recognisable by its garish yellow and green logo, which has the audacity to suggest Australia has actually endorsed it. 


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The Grand Union, Kennington

I was feeling a little fragile last Saturday after yet another visit to the fabulous Soho drinking den that is LAB. So fragile, in fact, that only a hair of the dog would do. And something greasy. Really greasy.


Thankfully the burger gods answered my prayers, throwing down a pub mere moments from my humble abode, the blackboard outside screaming of “The Best Burgers in London”. I am pretty sure this wasn’t the result of any actual survey. It probably isn’t even an actual quote. They just made it up, I reckon. But how could I judge, if I had not tried one?   Then I tried one. Here it is. Look at it. It looks quite magical, does it not?




Let’s forget, for a moment, that the presentation is an almost embarrassingly blatant copy of new Covent Garden burger emporium Shake Shack, and take it for what it is. A quite nice burger. Two burgers, in fact, sandwiched together like a beautiful Oreo made of meat.


As a hat the burgers wore a gloopy blob of American cheese. You know, that wondrous orange paste that tastes mostly of nothing, and definitely not of cheese. The shoddy slop that only ever appears in fast food burgers, where we celebrate wholeheartedly its marvellous shitness. Imagine ordering a cheese sandwich and getting this crap. You’d hurl it back into your server’s face no doubt, overcome with fury. But in burgers we tolerate this cheese-pretender. That is its place.


I ordered my burger sans-bun because they serve no gluten free buns here. They call this a naked burger, I believe. Poor naked burgers. It’s enough to break your heart.


Gluten Free Naked Burger
Gluten Free Naked Burger


Now let me tell you of the chips, these marvellous crinkled fries of scrumptiousness. Look! You get an entire BASKET. You can absolutely fill your boots and probably your bag too. I was given almost THREE HUNDRED* chips. And they taste LOVELY. Not as lovely as Honest Burgers chips, but QUITE LOVELY.




*woefully inaccurate estimate


The Verdict: Exquisite hangover food, practically perfect in every way. Also the Kennington Grand Union has a roof terrace. Everyone loves a roof terrace. Not the best burgers in London, though. Soz.


Gluten Free: No gluten free buns available, but you can get naked burgers.   7/10


Grand Union Kennington on Urbanspoon

Square Meal

Bar Review: Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch

A bizarrely decorated beach hut in the middle of Bethnal Green, Beach Blanket Babylon stands at odds with its surroundings, yet retains an air of smugness because it’s much cooler (and cleaner) than the rest of Shoreditch’s bars and my god doesn’t it just know it.

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