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Borough Market, London Bridge

If you’re looking to get your hands on some ARTISAN foods head to Borough Market – it’s like a big old outdoor Waitrose full of deliciousness. I know this because actual Heston Blumenthal shops there in real life. I have SEEN HIM.

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Elliot’s, Borough Market

Elliot’s Cafe is not a cafe in any usual sense of the word. It is Borough Market’s answer to a cafe, a rather swish version which serves only the finest of British produce and offers a menu of small plates such as steak tartare and octopus as well as larger plates like roast chicken with aioli. And then there’s the cheeseburger – which Daniel Young thinks is one of London’s greatest.

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Tapas Brindisa, London Bridge

Tapas is a brilliant invention. Indecisive and greedy folk alike delight in restaurants where one can order five or six plates of food whilst guzzling pints of wine and pretending to be somewhere sunny. Thankfully London is filled with such establishments. Less thankfully, most are rubbish.

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Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House, Borough

Last weekend I decided to take a trip to Borough to have a look at one of London’s most famous food markets. The market itself was good fun, and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for something to interesting to do on a lazy saturday. If you’re actually looking to buy any food though, I wouldn’t bother. You’ll be old by the time you reach the front of the queue at any of the stalls. Really, the crowds are obscene. The market is worth a visit, though, for nearby restaurant Wright Brothers.

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