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A Day of Feasting at Kerb, Southbank Centre

Kerb’s taken a rare trip out of King’s Cross to set up shop on the Southbank this weekend, and you should definitely pay it a visit.

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Kerb’s Coming to the Southbank This Weekend

I’ve long been a big fan of the street food Kings that are KERB, but it did make me sad that South London was oft left out of these scrumptious happenings. Thankfully that’s about to change, because KERB is heading to the Southbank Centre for a whole weekend of deliciousness, and it starts right now.

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The London Coffee Festival Opens at 5pm

Coffee nerds and sleep-deprived people of the world, your attention please. London’s having a coffee festival. You should go! It’s taking place at Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane all weekend, and doors open to the public at 5pm this evening.

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New Street Food Meat Marvel: Hot Box

Last weekend saw the final full weekend of the marvellous foodie paradise that is Hawker House, but if you’re worried about where to get your next food in a box fix don’t fret – Hawker residents Hot Box will be setting up shop at Camden Town Breweries today, and again on 03/04/14. 


Hot Box make meat. Real good meat. Check out this meat. Mmmmmm.



On the menu are slow smoked pork ribs with sweet and spicy BBQ glaze, beef short ribs (smoked for no less than NINE hours) and the scrumptious chopped pork and sausage sandwich. Fill your boots. 



Thursday 27.03.14 and 03.04.14 from 5pm


Camden Town Breweries
55 Wilkin St Mews,
NW5 3NN 



Street Feasting at Hawker House

I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but on Friday night I found myself at one of those clapped-out warehouses I love to complain about. It was situated, rather alarmingly, on a Bethnal Green backstreet. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Hawker House.


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Vietnamese Cuisine at Pho, Shoreditch

Pho bills itself as London’s ‘first specialist Vietnamese street-food restaurant’, a brazen lie that’d shame Shia LaBoeuf himself. But they are amongst the first of London’s restaurants to make Vietnamese food truly accessible, which is definitely a good thing.

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John Salt, Islington

Islington restaurant John Salt caused quite a stir when it opened under the tenure of Chef Ben Spalding – who made people lick actual bricks for some reason. He then left in a hurry, and was replaced by Pitt Cue’s Neil Rankin, who, it is claimed, was somewhat of a charcoal grill/big pieces of piggy meat hot shot. He’s since upped sticks, and been replaced by this gravy loving chef-man.

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Dishoom, Covent Garden

The good folk of Dishoom have attempted to bring a Bombay Café to Covent Garden, with varying success. The end result is a buzzing, lively restaurant which does not take reservations (obviously) and serves a wild selection of properly Indian dishes and pretending-to-be-Indian dishes from within a sepia-walled basement.

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