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Free From Find: Perkier Foods

I’m a big fan of the recent influx of gluten free companies flogging their free from delights on our supermarket shelves, but one I hadn’t tried (until now) was Perkier foods.


The brand is totally recognisable with bright packaging and plenty of talk of snafflers, and it’s all gluten free, wheat free and free from artificial colours or flavours. So when a scrumptious little food parcel from Perkier arrived on my doorstep I was more than happy to do a little taste testing for them…


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Perkier make breakfast cereals, porridge pots and loads of naughty treats like rocky road and tiffin bars. I loved the porridge pots – it’s pretty tricky to find gluten free breakfasts when one’s out and about, so if you’re on the hunt the Perkier pots are well worth a try.



I loved the apple, cinnamon and raisin variety personally, but the golden syrup’s not bad either. Can’t have too much sweetness of a morning, can you?


My absolute favourite Perkier food item though has to go to the tiffin bars, which also come in little bite-size pieces for sharing with friends. Or for eating on your own in a dark room whilst watching nonsense tely such as “My Big Boob Hell”, which, incidentally, is a very interesting documentary full of facts. Not at all likely to rot your mind and turn your brain to marbles. Not at all.



Perkier snacks are definitely good, I had to fight the gluten-lovers for them. So they must be good. Eat some, you’ll see.




Gluten Free: Yes, yep, yes indeed.




DS Gluten Free Pastry

There are few things more difficult than baking with gluten free pastry. Instead you may consider finding a needle in a haystack, walking on water or purchasing a jar of tartan paint. If you are up for a challenge, though, or just have a craving for pie that no pastry-pretenders will satisfy, I recommend this: FROZEN GLUTEN FREE PASTRY of the Gods.

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Product Review: Udi’s Gluten Free

There are some things which come swimming across the pond that really should have stayed put. Take Justin Bieber, for instance, or that peanut butter which is half peanut butter half ‘jelly’. And the jelly isn’t even jelly at all, it’s some sort of jam-meets-syrup hybrid that’ll make all your teeth fall straight out of your head whilst your feet run around in continuous circles until all the molten sugar fuel runs out and you collapse to the floor in a sweating, shivering mess. Yeah that. They can have that back. Continue reading Product Review: Udi’s Gluten Free

Product Review: Love Raw Gluten Free Bars

There are some foods that are just so virtuous you feel like you’re adding years on to your life just by eating them. Love Raw bars are one of these foods. They’re organic, unprocessed, nutritionally dense and jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. Pure superfood.

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Vita Bella, Essex

Authentic Italian food is hard to find thesedays. The likes of Strada and Prezzo are busy annihilating the cuisine of an entire country with gusto. It doesn’t bear thinking about. There are a handful of proper family run Italian restaurants which are worth a visit, though. Even for the gluten-haters. Chelmsford’s Vita Bella is one of them.
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Namaasté Kitchen, Camden

Camden isn’t much of a foodie paradise. I can only assume that those who reside there don’t actually eat, they’re all too busy dying their hair ironic shades of neon and clumping about in ten stone shoes to notice the calls of hunger. I guess they starve, in the end. A sad tale. If they do take time out from their frighteningly-cool lives to have a bite to eat though the Camden folk go to Naamaste, because it’s the only decent eating establishment in the area. And because cool people like Indian cuisine.

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