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Why You Must Never Take The Last Tube Home

Sometimes, when one is off indulging in a noxious beverage at some far-flung public house one loses all track of time. One becomes utterly consumed by the nonsense speak flowing freely from one’s mouth-hole, so entirely captivated by the bizarre facts pouring forth from the mouth-holes of our companions. And then it happens. The moment of reckoning.

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Christmas Songs

There is only one good Christmas song. It’s called Fairytale of New York. The Pogues sing it, with their grumbly friend Kirsty McColl. And they sing it well, with all the enthusiasm of two people who can’t stand Christmas and the lies, treason and crap gifts it promotes.

The rest, without exception, are shit.

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Reasons Why Alexandra Hates Twitter

Sometime during the easter of 2010 I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about and register with the new social networking fad… twitter. Shortly after I commenced use of this site, however, a number of things began to trouble me. If you would care to read on I will divulge the reasons behind my uncertainty.

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