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John Salt, Islington

Islington restaurant John Salt caused quite a stir when it opened under the tenure of Chef Ben Spalding – who made people lick actual bricks for some reason. He then left in a hurry, and was replaced by Pitt Cue’s Neil Rankin, who, it is claimed, was somewhat of a charcoal grill/big pieces of piggy meat hot shot. He’s since upped sticks, and been replaced by this gravy loving chef-man.

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The Bull, Islington

The Bull is a pretty substandard pub which seems to be in the midst of some sort of identity crisis. Look at it in real life and you see a dark, grubby little public house complete with sticky flooring and dusty sofas. Look at its website, or indeed its menus, and you see a snazzy London gastropub where you might reasonably expect a decent Sunday Roast. This is not the case.

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