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This Saturday (24th May 2014) Urban Food Fest will be hosting a most incredible Superheroes night, complete with heroic street food, costumes and a fully themed bar. 



Elliot’s, Borough Market

Elliot’s Cafe is not a cafe in any usual sense of the word. It is Borough Market’s answer to a cafe, a rather swish version which serves only the finest of British produce and offers a menu of small plates such as steak tartare and octopus as well as larger plates like roast chicken with aioli. And then there’s the cheeseburger – which Daniel Young thinks is one of London’s greatest.

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The Free From Bakehouse, Borough Market

Borough Market is a treasure trove of foodie wonders, even if you’re a gluten hater such as I. The trophy for most gluten free friendly stall, though, must go to the amazing Free From Bakehouse – where there ain’t a gluten infested crumb in sight!

The Free From Bakehouse
The Free From Bakehouse

The Free From Bakehouse stocks exclusively homemade gluten free (and some dairy free & vegan) sweet and savoury treats, from gooey and indulgent cakes to moreish jalapeno muffins and cute little GF gingerbread folk.

I can’t get enough of peanut butter of late, (seriously, I’ve been eating it with a spoon and I’m not even ashamed) so naturally my eye was drawn to the peanut butter and white chocolate blondies a smiley gluten free lady was pushing my way. N.B. She might not actually have been pushing them, that part was probably in my mind. They come in little snack bags, or as a big old slab of blondie which will set you back £2.50.

Look at me. Am I not beautiful?
Look at me. Am I not beautiful?

OK so it’s fairly expensive for a treat, but it’s not often you see an entire stall full of gluten free foods that you can dive into with wild abandon, safe from the fear of gluten demons lurking behind any supposed safe snack. And that makes £2.50 absolutely fine by me!

As it turns out £2.50 was even more fine by me when I finally got home and launched myself into this paper bag of greasy peanut buttery goodness. It was wonderful. An epiphany, if you will. And don’t think I’m getting carried away here – you haven’t tried it. You don’t even know. I’m salivating just writing this, I tell you.

Gluten Free? Yes, yes, yes!

The Verdict: See above

10/10 (Full Marks, Absolutely Brilliant, I Am Head Over Heels, Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love)


The Veggie Table, Borough Market

The Veggie Table is about as healthy as street food gets. This delightful little green stall is located at the lovely Borough Market and staffed exclusively by people with dreadlocks and shoes made of hemp. It’s obviously all vegetarian, some of it is vegan and there’s none of that gluten gunk in sight.

Healthy food has hearts on the menu

I know none of that sounds particularly appetising, but please give these lovely little hippies a chance, because once you get past all the nutrients and vitamins these veggie boxes are packed with you might be very surprised! These veggie burgers, salads and toppings are actually bloody delicious, and that’s coming from someone who’s just about as carnivorous as they come.

Salad going into box
Salad going into box

The Veggie Table does two burger options – Superveg (GF) made with organic vegetables, quinoa, nuts, sultanas and cumin, and Halloumi, made with Halloumi cheese, organic carrots, courgettes, fresh mint & coriander. These are served with in a bun (not GF, sadly), on a leaf (bit rabbit-like for me) or with fresh salads bursting with organic grains and local veggies and topped with veggie pesto, red onion jam, salsa and hummus (by far the best option).

Superveg burger, salad. £6. No Gluten. All good.
Superveg burger, salad. £6. No Gluten. All good.

I went for the superveg and was so impressed I even considered becoming a vegan for three or four minutes. The salads were great, the toppings were brilliant, there were even seeds! Very satisfying, very healthy and very tasty. Give it a go.

The Verdict: Surprisingly awesome.

Gluten Free: Yes! Hooray!



Find The Veggie Table:

Borough Market: Thurs 11-4, Fri 11-6, Sat 9-4
Broadway Market: Saturday 9-5