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Dirty Martini, Hanover Square

If you’re looking to channel your inner Bond with a delicious and nutritious* Martini you can’t go wrong with Dirty Martini.


dirty martini


The Hanover Square branch is the perfect place to rest weary toes after a day of shopping on nearby Regent Street, and that’s exactly what we did last weekend.


dirty martini


J’Ara of style and beauty blog La Sugar Lace and I sampled two of their classic cocktails. J’Ara picked the Dirty Martini, which must be said with much emphasis on the DIRTY. This includes your choice of Martini Grey Goose Vodka or Tanqueray Gin, mixed with Kalamata olives & thyme served straight up with a hint of Martini and Extra Dry Vermouth. This tasted like all the world’s alcohol in one glass. I tried it and almost fell of the face of the Earth.


dirty martini


My choice was a little less adventurous, Passion Fruit Martini, a delectable concoction of Beefeater Gin shaken with Passoa, fresh passion fruit and passion fruit juice. This was rather less shocking. Sort of like fruit juice, but better. Much better.


dirty martini passion fruit


Dirty Martini also does happy hours, where you can get half price Prosecco cocktails, Martinis and bottled wine. Which means you can drink twice as much!!! Or just spend less, whatever.


dirty martini


*Really, some are sort of healthy! Dirty Martini also serve up skinny cocktails, the skinniest of which contains a mere 123 calories – it’s called Skinny Grape & Elderflower Martini, ok weight watchers?


Hanover Square Happy Hours:

Mon – Thurs 4pm – 10pm

Fri – Sat 4pm – 8pm


10c Hanover Square




0844 371 2550


Square Meal