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Today – Sat 23rd Aug: Free Savoury Ice Cream in Soho

London is bored of delicious ice cream, apparently. That’s why Jacobs (of cream cracker fame) have come up with a novel idea – a savoury ice cream parlour.




That’s right, a whole ice cream parlour stocked exclusively with savoury ice cream. This three day pop-up parlour will include all the favourite Jacobs flavours (twiglets, mini cheddars etc) but in icy, melty form. There’ll also be ‘Blue Cheese & Crackers’ and ‘A Pint of Ale & a Packet of Twiglets’.


Are you brave enough?


P.S. It’s free. Tweet your pics with #snackhappy.



Thurs 21st Aug, 7pm – 9pm,

Fri 22 Aug – Sat 23rd Aug, 2pm – 8pm


Located in a truck parked at:

15 Bateman Street,




The Rum Kitchen, Soho

Located in Carnaby Street’s shiny Kingly Court, this is the second Rum Kitchen in London town. The first one’s been open for a year or so and has already attracted His Royal Highness of Wonderment Mr Prince Harry.




Less a restaurant, more a beach shack bar that screams unashamedly of its love for rum and sunshine, this place is all about fun, food and good times.


rum kitchen


The bright brains behind the Rum Kitchen have brought the Bahamas to the city, with blue and white pastel beach hut planks, random patches of sun-faded corrugated metal and odd little trinkets that *might* have been picked up on the beach. The music’s great too, it’s like a party… with dinner.




The cocktail menu is a hefty book of a thing, filled with some of the loveliest cocktails in town, most of which are under a tenner. Definitely try the Grog, a deadly concoction of lime, ginger beer and plenty of rum. Served in a little enamel mug this one’s guaranteed to bring out the Jack Sparrow in you. Whether or not that’ll be a good thing, though, remains to be seen.


rum kitchen




Whilst it’s not technically Caribbean, the Rum Kitchen’s Mojito is one of the best I’ve ever had – and I suppose that’s down to the quality of the rum. It’s so good it’s likely to turn your brain into marshmallow and leave you a slurring, stuttering mess before the night’s out.


rum kitchen mojito


Want something more authentic? Mama’s Guinness Punch should do the trick – over-proof rum, condensed milk and Guinness mixed with spices, chocolate bitters and served over ice.





The menu is a sort of Anglicised take on Caribbean classics – apparently London palates can’t handle the real deal. But before you get all outraged and angry about this try the ‘toned-down’ swamp sauce. I did, and immediately accepted my palate’s fate as an absolute wuss. This bottle of scotch bonnet LAVA lulls you into a false sense of security, looking just like our good friend Mr Ketchup. But don’t trust it. A tiny dab onto my tongue and I lost all sensation for the duration of the evening. A whole mouthful could likely kill a man.


rum kitchen sauces


Anyway, warning over and done with, we’ll move onto the food. We tried the shack’s signature Jerk Chicken Thighs (£8.50) – crispy, crunchy and moist with a bit of bite… but not too much bite! Served with extra jerk sauce for those braver than me, and pineapple slaw, which is like cole slaw but more exotic.


rum kitchen


We also had a Jerk Chicken Supreme (£13.50) – grilled chicken breast, sweet potato and yam mash served with jerk gravy.




The Soft Shell Crab Burger (£11.50) was a monster of thing, towering several feet into the air. The spicy tamarind sauce, ginger aïloi and guava-lime relish added to its gravity-defying brilliance.




The final choice was a Jerk Fried Chicken Burger, served with scotch bonnet garlic mayo. And the world’s BEST sweet potato fries (£3), served in a small bucket.



rum kitchen


Several cocktails later we stumbled out onto the streets of Soho, feeling like we’d just spent a week on a desert island.




The Verdict: The only bad thing about the Rum Kitchen is having to emerge into the real world afterwards. Seriously, it’s that good.






The Rum Kitchen, Soho website: therumkitchen.com

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Talented Mr Fox, Soho

In the backstreets of Soho lies an escape from the rammed pubs and hideous tourist traps. A crazy fox den of an escape… Talented Mr Fox.


He isn’t really a fox, he’s Mr Whiley. But I reckon we can safely say he is talented.


Matt Whiley is behind some of the cocktail community’s top bars, Purl, Worship Street Whistling Shop and Shoreditch’s Peg & Patriot. He’s famed for his madcap concoctions and the use of all sorts of fancy equipment in the making of mixed drinks… and Talented Mr Fox is Whiley’s first residency at top Leicester Square Hotel One Leicester Street.




The cocktails here are definitely for the more adventurous drinkers – on the menu is a Bloody Mary (£16) made with clarified pig’s blood and ‘black pudding distillate’. Even the ones listed under ‘Nice and Easy’ are nothing short of unusual…




Frightened by the very mention of pig’s blood we opted for some more accessible drinks. Mary Hoppins was made with Moonshine Kid Hop Gin, Manzanilla and Honey. The Twisted Nose comes complete with Foraged Leaves, Celery and Lemon – it was the talk of foraging that got me interested, you know. But our last order was undoubtedly the most exciting. This one, whose name I have (to my shame) forgotten, was flavoured with Monster Munch! Pickled Onion flavour! Goodness!


Monster Munch
Monster Munch


Twisted Nose
Twisted Nose
Mary Hoppins
Mary Hoppins


When the drinks arrived I’ll admit I was slightly disappointed. They appeared just like normal drinks. They didn’t live up to their outlandish descriptions, at least in appearance.


On tasting we were largely reassured, they sure didn’t taste like any cocktails we’d ever had before, and all the odd flavours came through despite there being so much alcohol in each one it almost knocked us clean off our seats – definitely proving Mr Fox’s talents! I’d recommend the Twisted Nose, full of sharp citrus flavours and actual salad ingredients (i.e. incredibly healthy).


The Talented Mr Fox Bar
The Talented Mr Fox Bar


The Verdict: Great cocktails unlike any you’ve ever had before. Perfect if you’re looking for a bit of calm in the craziness of Chinatown. I’ve heard the  Urban Foxtail (£11) is served in a little wheelie bin, too. Definitely get that!


Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 18.01.25






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Sipsmith Pop-Up Martini Bar at Kettner’s, Soho

The Great British Spirit Gods of Sipsmith have teamed up with Soho’s Kettner’s to open the ultimate martini bar. Sipsmith 100 Martini opens its doors next Wednesday (26th March) – and there’s no less than ONE HUNDRED Martini variations on the menu.

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Bar Review: Garlic & Shots, Soho

Do you really like garlic? Do you like garlic so much than you spend your nights dreaming of it, hoping and wishing that one day you might be able to live in a house carved entirely of garlic, with a voluptuous garlic wife and adoring miniature garlic children?

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Vietnamese Cuisine at Pho, Shoreditch

Pho bills itself as London’s ‘first specialist Vietnamese street-food restaurant’, a brazen lie that’d shame Shia LaBoeuf himself. But they are amongst the first of London’s restaurants to make Vietnamese food truly accessible, which is definitely a good thing.

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Floridita, Soho

Floridita is a rather glamorous Latin-type restaurant by D&D London. Inspired by the famous Havanan bar El Floridita (birthplace of the daiquiri don’t you know?) this is Soho’s answer to Cuban cuisine. It’s not wholly awful, but it nearly is.

photo 1 copy

Descend a spiral staircase and you are confronted with a restaurant which goes on and on and on. In fact it looks very much like it should be a club and some idiot’s put tables in there as some sort of hilarious joke. Atmosphere-wise though this is a good place for dates and romancing, and on our visit there was some surprisingly good singing going on too.

photo 2The bar has that same tiki hula girl barbie on smack theme as Mahiki, but it’s quite fun and the cocktails are reasonably good. Beware though, the ‘mixologists’ here shall not be rushed, and like to spend a good 30-45 minutes on each drink. Pfft.

photo 3 copy

photo 4

Foodwise Floridita fared better than expected, but then Cuban cuisine is widely regarded as the worst in the Caribbean so I’m not sure what I did expect come to think of it. We began with smoked salmon and pork terrine. These were fairly good, and generous too. The terrine did come topped with a tiny square of weird jelly goo though, not sure what that was all about.


Then there was suckling pig and fillet of beef. This is where it all went a bit wrong. I received a huge mountain of beef, a man’s portion if you will. The boy however did not do so well and got a measly plate of piggy which made him all sad and disappointed in the face. His potatoes were also cold. Floridita appeared to hate him. My beef was good though, I shared it because I am kind.

Suckling Pig
Suckling Pig

Puds were a lot better. The cheesecake was fine, although boy did say it was too cheesy but I think he was just grumpy by this point. Fruit sorbet was a lot more exciting than a sorbet ought to be, so points for that.

Cheesecake - 'Too Cheesy'
Cheesecake – ‘Too Cheesy’

Then we had coffee. Unfortunately boy’s coffee was also cold. He burst into tears so we had to leave.

The Verdict: It’s quite fun, the bar is good and the cocktails aren’t bad at all, but the food is certainly not super and often not actually hot, so I wasn’t a massive fan.



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