Life Changing Taste from Brixton Prison

Do you remember that time back in 2012 when furious chef man Gordon Ramsay pranced into Brixton Prison on a bizarre mission to get all those hostile prisoners to start baking cakes?


  Well you might be surprised to hear that Gordon’s bakery is still going strong, inside HM Prison Brixton.


The social enterprise was designed as a way to help give people with convictions bundles of confidence and belief in themselves, so that when they’re released from prison they won’t go back to their bad boy ways.


It also helps give the bad boys training as bakers, helping them find work when they’re finally out and about. And they can pay something back to society, to say soz for their bad behaviour.


A fantastical idea, I thought, when I first watched Gordon screaming bloody murder at people who might actually have been murderers. But it has worked, and it’s still working, and you should support it by eating CAKE.



The boys now make tonnes of different treats, which are for sale across London.

Where to buy the naughty cakes:

You see, cakes really can change the world.


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