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Namaasté Kitchen, Camden

Camden isn’t much of a foodie paradise. I can only assume that those who reside there don’t actually eat, they’re all too busy dying their hair ironic shades of neon and clumping about in ten stone shoes to notice the calls of hunger. I guess they starve, in the end. A sad tale. If they do take time out from their frighteningly-cool lives to have a bite to eat though the Camden folk go to Naamaste, because it’s the only decent eating establishment in the area. And because cool people like Indian cuisine.

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Dishoom, Covent Garden

The good folk of Dishoom have attempted to bring a Bombay Café to Covent Garden, with varying success. The end result is a buzzing, lively restaurant which does not take reservations (obviously) and serves a wild selection of properly Indian dishes and pretending-to-be-Indian dishes from within a sepia-walled basement.

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